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Categorization of the Members:

The Organization will have three categories of members as under.

(a) Ordinary Members:

Obtaining the membership of the organization on submission of their application matching company's goal and carrying out trade and business activities as per prescribed procedures will be Ordinary Members.

Ordinary Membership may be granted to a company tendering his/her application wishing to have an Ordinary Membership by paying total Rs 20,000 entry fee and Rs 10,000 annual fee.

Ordinary Members will have to renew their membership within the end of Ashadh (Mid July) every year. After such period membership may be renewed by paying prescribed additional charge

(b) Founder Membership:

The Office bearers of the registered organization shall be the founder members.

The Officials, at the time of registration of this Organization shall be deemed as Founder Members.

All Founder members should pay the feeds as prescribed to the ordinary members.

(c) Honorary Members:

Honorary membership may be granted to the national or foreign company or person that provided special contribution as deemed suitable decided as appropriate by working committee. Honorary Member shall not exercise voting right.

Who can become Member ?

Following qualifications will have to be possessed for being a member of this Organization.

(a) For Ordinary Member and Founder Membership, the company should be registered in Nepal according to the prevailing law with the objective of direct selling goods or services.

(b) For Honorable Member; attained 21 years of age, not mentally retired, not convicted to embezzlement of public property, not convicted as a criminal by the court in a prosecution having any moral turpitude and corruption and as per the company, doing  related transaction as trade and business having similar goal of member company of this organization.